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I'm a naughty sexy tranny, call me at 501-777-2513. Thanks for viewing my online resume where you can see all of my work experience as a working girl. Further down you will see all of my steaming pictures I have used in the past, work experience, refrences, and more. You may also download my whole adult resume in PDF or Word format.


I began my upscale escort career in May of 2016 in Little Rock, Arkansas. I am always searching for upscale guys everywhere. If you have questions or need to book a date, please call me at 501-777-2513. I left Little Rock, AR the 5th of May and have been in the Little Rock, Arkansas area since.

  • Currently in: Little Rock, Arkansas
  • 501-777-2513
  • Escort Since: May, 2016
  • Birthday: 1993



Here are the locations where I have a job history. It's possible to grow this list by adding your location if you contacted me so we could get down hon. I keep on looking for many other cities to visit. Maybe you can convience me to visit your location babe?

Little Rock, Arkansas


Jan 07, 2017

Them Big , DL, Handsome Boys Tho - 24

Little Rock, Arkansas

I'll assist for sure if you're WORTH assisting
..If you're looking to handle some fat , light sum L's with, chill, MAKE SOME icing, body rubs, some real Fye head, clean environment, strictly BETWEEN the two of us,0% BS, and f* with a Real sexy, chocholate big B%%TY ts?.? HML--- (501)777-2513 LITTLE BOYS--With no purpose, no ride, expecting something free, or just wanna waist time... YO. PLEEEASE DON'T DIAL MY #. My dial tone and restrict button stay on fleek. My friends and I hook up on too so you may hookup with us there babe.

#2.. Only if you're not with the foolery.
#3...Ain't nothing in this world free THAT'S WORTH HAVING.
#4...Baby what we do is ONLY between us and my walls.
#5... I like grown, handsome, Dl, fat , that like fat 's.
#6... I like to have clean, long, dripping, fun.- I can Host.
#7.. If you're interested and know how to treat a chocolate, clean, fine queen right. Hml

Oct 15, 2016

For Growm Dl Dick. - 23

Little Rock, Arkansas

Read Carefully.Not with
.Im looking for grown, fresh, postive vibes(++). I'm only attracted to Dl's. I'm not looking for a boo or bae.
..I'm that freaky girl with high standards... HYGIENE MUST BE A1. Love licking and washing up . Lets chill, cheef, and do what it do.. Only made for Grown DL MEN that know how to handle fat 's. I wanna know and taste the . Let it feel how warm and I really am
Hmu.. 501 777 2513. We hang out on too, so you can meet up with us on there too .

Aug 04, 2016

Only If Its Tasty And Fresh. - 23

Little Rock, Arkansas

It's simple. Im only looking for GROWN men. GROWN: Independent and about business.
Me: Looking to taste and see how big it grows in my mouth.Yes. Sucking balls and washing big dicks satisfy me. I'll
Only wash daddy dick up (ONLY) if its fresh and smells good. My head and slirping all between yo lega does me justice. If you wanna seem how exsclusive my head game is. Hmlu baby.
(501)777-2513. My friends and I hang out on too, so you can see us there babe.

May 05, 2016

Wants Good Dick - 22

Little Rock, Arkansas

Where are you daddy? Can I taste all of it?? Can you make me come? Looking for some good big dicks. Hmu baby.. 5O1 777 2513

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